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Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees
September 14th, 2017, Kushi Designers,

Kanchipuram silk sarees, the legendary weaves hail from Kanchipuram, the temple city of Tamil Nadu. Characterized by expansive borders, vivid colors and quirky motifs, these silk sarees from Kanchi are a spin on the Kornad temple sarees of Tamil Nadu that were used as a drape for deities.

The Kanjivaram silk sarees undergo a long scrupulous weaving process wherein the signature temple border, the wide pallav and the main body that these kanchi silk sarees are really known for are woven individually which are then delicately woven into one single piece.

Their traditional patterns depict local fauna like tigers, elephants, peacocks and fabled creatures such as the yali and annapakshi surrounding flora such as jasmines, temple flowers, mangoes, trailing vines and most prominently, temple architecture. All in all, these silk sarees are an apotheosis of grace, beauty and above all, fashion. Kanchipuram Silk sarees price ranges from Rs 9000/- to Rs 40,000/-.

History of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees:

The legends have it that the ancestors of legendary silk sarees from Kanchipuram are descendants of sage Markandeya who wove fine clothes from the lotus fibre for the gods and goddesses.

The opulent textile of these silk sarees have thrived due to royal benefaction right from the Pallava dynasty in the 7th century to support Vijaynagar Emperor Krishna Deva Raya who encouraged time honored weaver groups, the Saligas and Devanghas to settle in Kanjeevaram in the 16th century. Our Kanchipuram silk sarees online are famous because these heavily plied silk sarees are ornamented by silk yarn interlaced with pure metallic gold and silver zari.

Buy kanchi silk sarees for the luxurious use of silk and real zari in making of these sarees not only represents affluence of the great dynasties of the south be it the Cholas, Cheras, Pandias and the Pallavas but they make up a great status symbol of today.

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