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September 14th, 2017, Kushi Designers,

Gadwal Silk Sarees and Gadwal sarees are from Gadwal, Telangana. Situated between the rivers Tungabhadra and Krishna over an area of about 800 sq.miles is the small town of Gadwal that is noted for its harmonious coexistence of the cultures of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Famous for its handloom weaving industry, Gadwal produces Gadwal sarees, and Gadwal Silk sarees with exquisite zari work that command great admiration and demand throughout the country. The whole process of weaving Gadwal sarees is carried out manually where each and every thread is hand woven.

They are traditionally woven in the interlocked-weft technique called kupadam or tippadamu locally and often with kotakomma also called kumbam in the borders and thus they are also known as kotakomma or kumbam sarees locally. The silk border(kattu) that gets stitched in the end is pure mulberry silk.

Woven by descendants of Jeeveshwar Maharaj – weaver of Hindu Devi-Devtas, the history of weaving of Gadwal sarees is as intriguing and enriching as draping one.

Characteristics of Gadwal Silk Sarees:

Considered the most impressive sarees from the handloom destination of India, Andhra Pradesh, silk sarees from Gadwal are known for their world famous handloom zari work. Popular since the 1930s, the local weavers are now adept at making these wonderful sarees. So talented are they that they can weave a 5.5 meters of saree in a way that it can be folded down to the size of a small match box.

The brocade weaving skills of Gadwal sarees have been traced to Varanasi though there brocade style bears no resemblance to the Banarasi Brocade style. The colors that adorn these handloom Gadwal silk sarees are very unique. For example pacchakayi rangu is a shade which is in between a shade of green and grey.

While the older varieties of these sarees show cased more earthen tones, brighter contrasting tones adorn these silk sarees today. Out and out traditional, though these sarees are popular as wedding sarees, they have also long been associated as puja sarees for their unbeatable elegance, grace and poise.

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