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About Blouse design

About Blouse design
September 14th, 2017, Kushi Designers,

Take a closer look at the Indian movies, right from the 90s to until this day. If you remove all the unnecessary noise and focus intensively on the attire, you will agree to the reality- there is nothing sexier than a Saree, no matter what century it is.

But the doubt remains- why is there a transitional gap between how the lovelies on the silver screen look in this traditional garb and how you do?

Well, there happens to be this gap because possibly, you focus on the Saree where the electricity of this attire is channelized by the right combination of a Saree and a designer blouse.

A Designer Blouse Could Be Your Fairy Godmother

From rags to riches, only in the looks department.

With a blouse, you can play with many factors. There are patterns, colors, and textures. You can mix and match and create so much with a tiny piece of apparel.

We believe that a blouse can completely shake the statement that your Saree projects. Consider this- a blue Saree that you will naturally choose to wear with a muted blouse says one thing. Pair it with a yellow spring pattern and bam! The statement takes a full 180.

Long Sleeves, Short Ones, or None at All- How Are You Feeling

Yes, sleeves talk. A lot.

The thing about blouses is that you have the space to experiment. Also, there never was an era of just one kind of sleeve. From mega to long and even full, the hand extensions of a blouse allow you to look different with just one Saree.

Take a collar neck with mini sleeves. Or try the classic square neck, both front and back, with no sleeves. Think about a full sleeve on a printed fabric with a plain Saree- we believe you get the emotion now.

Let’s Talk Fabric & Blouse Back Design, Shall We?

Blouses are about a look, you see. When you wear a silk Saree with no heavy zari border and deck it up with a printed blouse, well fit, and with a collared neck, the look you are carrying now gets elevated quickly.

Just peek at any well-arranged designer blouse pattern catalogue, and you’ll realize how it could bring the whole assimilation together and make you look many things with a slight change in the fabric or in the pattern or in color.

Say, a simple boat designed neckline does wonders for a sophisticated yet neat design without requiring any neck jewelry. And on the plus side, you can pick any sleeve length with no extra work.

Here Is a Little Blouse Fitting Advice- Don’t Do It Yourself

With all the sources you have, (hint hint- the Internet) we are pretty sure that you can invade Mars if you were to decide on it. But when it comes to a blouse, trust a professional.

You might have a good idea of how to alter a blouse neckline, but a Saree’s blouse fitting problems go beyond it. You need help with many things, like deciding when to go mute and when to go bright.

What look prefers you in a sleeveless and what statement you ooze in a backless one are all part of the look you wear when you put on a Saree and a designer blouse to go along with it.

Blouse Designs- Choose to Experiment

So mix and match, go bright, go full waist length, choose patterns with contrasting textures- don’t ever be scared to experiment with your designer blouses.

Tell us how your selections worked out for you. Happy Shopping FB - @kushidesigners, kushidesigners@gmail.com